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2009 Co-Male athlete of the year
Congratulations to Kyle Komata who was name at the Woodinville High School Co-Male athlete of the 08-09 school year!  Well done, Kyle!

09 Greco State
Congratulations to our   WHS Wrestlers who competed in the Greco State tournament!
Dylan Granard 1st Place
Riley Hersey 5th Place
Carl Gaul 6th Place

09 College Bound
Good luck to Kyle Komata and Dylan Granard who will be taking their wrestling to the next level.  Kyle Komata will be wrestling for Wyoming a D1 school and Dylan Granard will be wrestling for Mesa State in Colorado a D2 school.  We'll be following you! 
Zach Lipana 09
Congratulations to Zach Lipana for being named WHS student of the month.  You make us proud, Zach!
09 NW Regionals Freestyle and Greco Championship
 Kyle started day one, Freestyle, with two tough matches; one against a top ranked Oregon guy and the next against a California State Camp. After that, Kyle walked through the competition.

Dylan finished 3 in his Freestyle pool. They don't wrestle for 5/6 at this tournament, but top 6 out of a 27 not too shabby. Dylan had a great match against Jason Gray. If he could have just held on for 16 more second in the 3rd round without a take-down, he would have beat Jason Gray, a 2X 3A state Champ.

In Greco, Kyle placed second behind Kingshein who was out to avenge his lost from the day before. Dylan placed 1st in the A pool after a tough match against Niko Hughes and then lost to Chris Tripplet in the crossover finals match to place 2nd for the day.

I'd like to commend Gus for his willingness to get in some mat time and not be afraid to do it at a tough tournament! Gus has been training hard at USA Cobra and will be attending several more tournaments before the Freestyle & Greco season is over. He's also looking to attend some wrestling camps this summer. His hard work will be rewarded next season. Go Gus!

It was an outstanding weekend of wrestling. We watched some great Washington wrestlers going at it. This tournament is a qualifing tournament for the Washington National team. Kyle has qualified in both styles and Dylan has qualified in Greco.

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09 Kyle Komata NW Regionals Outstanding Wrestler Award
Congratulions to Kyle Komata on winning the Outstanding Wrestler award for the Freestyle portion of the NW Regional Championship. This is quite an honor since this tournament includes wrestlers from Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and many other states.

09 4a High School State
Congratulation of Kyle Komata.  Kyle is Woodinville High School's first ever State Champion at 125lbs.  Congratulation to Dylan Granard who brought home a 3rd Place medal and Zander Mitchell for being a State Participant! 
Congratulations to Kyle Komata for being named the 2009 4A Region II Outstanding Wrestler.
09 4A Region II Champs and Placers
Congratulatins to our WHS Coaches who were named Regional Coach and Asst Coach of the Year and Kyle Komata for winning the Region II Outstanding Wrester Award! Woodinville finished 5th overall.

Congratulations to our Falcon wrestlers who are headed to the High School State Mat Classic next weekend at the Tacoma Dome

Zander Mitchell 2nd place
Kyle Komata 1st Place
C. Dylan Granard 1st Place

Congratulations to Dylan Granard for being named 2009 4A Kingco League Tournament Outstanding  Wrestler
09 Kingco Champs and Placers
Congratulations to the Woodinville Falcon Kingco Champions and placers and the Coach Shaker and Coach Mangi for the Coach of the Year Award! And to Dylan Granard for the Outstanding Wrestler Award.

Zander Mitchell 1st
Kyle Komata 1st
David Peltier 1st
Joah Fennell 2nd
Dylan Granard 1st
Conor Manion 2nd
Lee Rodewald 3rd
Brady Olson 4th
Lyle Dallas 4th
RJ Harris 4th
Ian Stemmerman 5th
Greg Prussia 5th
Carl Gaul 5th
Colin Lee 6th
Ryan Williams 6th
Zach Lipana 6th

Dylan Granard Star of the week
Congratulations to C. Dylan Granard for being selected at Seattle Times Star of the week for Jan 26, 2009